Bodyboss Reviews 2019 – Here is My Truth & Workout Results

Hey i'm Susan, a happy mom on full time work. Couple of interest that i have, one is travel around the world, another to maintained our body by doing simple workouts and teaches many people as well.

​In this hustle-bustle and rowdy life, there has been an incredible downgrade in the lifestyle of the common man. People are looking to escape this sedentary life. It has become almost impossible for maximum people to go to gym. So ​i personally recommended bodyboss method is an ultimate solution to all those people as my point of view and results that i m getting by using this 12 week training program. Recently I have tried the Bodyboss method and now I am ready to give my bodyboss reviews. 

Note: Before you buy bodyboss fitness guide, User's must to know the real truth and customer's reviews of bodyboss first. Because saving money is important for our life.
bodyboss reviews


​BodyBoss has become tremendously famous on many of the social media platforms like instagram, facebook and whatsapp. Well, who doesn't wishes to have a slim-toned and a healthy body? BodyBoss Method provides various programs, equipment and moreover plays a role of a trainer as well as a dietician. It guides people to work on their body and has successfully brought amazing outputs to its users.

So let us begin with ​my bodyboss reviews and results, what i m getting by using this guide.

​So ​What is Body Boss ​Method?

what is bodyboss fitness guide

​BodyBoss provides it's 12-day week fitness program to its users thereby guaranteeing them fruitful outputs if followed with proper diet and guidelines. BodyBoss is providing a methodology that would fit everyone living in today’s modern lifestyle. Its driving everyone globally to start a movement to have a healthy body that can be gained easily without involving too many efforts.

Comparison B/w Bodyboss Vs Jen Ferruggia Workout

​My Special opinion when you compare between the bodyboss and bikini body workout by jen ferruggia, ​i prefer you should go with jen ferruggia method because, you can get a whole Workout manual & workout videos along with a nutrition​ guide and more stuffs. First of all Go to Jen Ferrguggia Official Website (i.e) and to see the full features. A Complete Program with her daily Workout Videos Only $29.99 ( ​​New Year Huge Discount)

Comparison Bodyboss vs Bikini Body

​Bodyboss & Jen Ferruggia Workout

​How do BodyBoss works?

After scrolling through numerous bodyboss reviews given by different physical trainers, I had decided to buy it. But before that, I decided to learn about its mechanism and how it works. So I believe it is equally important for everyone to know how this actually works. BodyBoss gives its users a guide on nutrition and their fitness routine.  Various pediatricians, physicists, and trainers were involved in preparing this guide. Its guide involves HITT programs, some of the anaerobic programs, types of equipment one can use as well diet plan on what to intake and what not to intake.

Interested users may buy their printed guide on their website online and people who are always on the run may even buy the guide’s pdf version. Significant results have been observed after 12 weeks program by its various users thereby providing optimal bodyboss reviews. And honestly even I have observed a good deal of result.

"​My Bodyboss ​Before and after Results"

bodyboss before and after

​Get ​Special Coupon or Discount Code 201​9?

bodyboss discount codes

​One can register for BodyBoss by directly logging into their official website. They give various techniques and a diet chart thereby updating it. BodyBoss gives it registered users different ​promo codes, coupons and discount codes too. if you want to try, just use my special bodyboss discount code to save some amount of money. Offcourse saving money is one of important things in our life right?.

(UPDATE: Discounts are expired and no longer will work but you can get  1​5% OFF for Bodyboss 2.0 Portable gym Coupon code below and enjoy!!.)

​Body​boss is meant for whom?

​More alluring to women but men can also take benefits from BodyBoss methods. BodyBoss has come up with its plan 2.0 for the successful participation of men.

​Body​boss Guide 2.0 providing portable gym to its users

For the users expecting best results, Body Boss has come up with its portable gym with their BodyBoss Guide 2. Their device’s name is BodyBoss Kickstarter which encourages its fitness users to exercise successfully. It provides its customers with proper training, exercises, meals plan and different dishes to incorporate.


​Here is my honest review regards Bodyboss 2.0 portable home gym

​Result oriented Fitness guide to BodyBoss

The bodyboss guide doesn’t require you to attend the gym to get fit. Rather they suggest you, to have some basic things required before starting like dumbells, towel, yoga mat and a timer to track time.

They would even suggest you, to have alternatives for things that are missing from your basic lists like a water bottle or big lotion bottle in place of dumbells. This proves it to be highly affordable and user-friendly.

Some of the workouts they suggest are mentioned here.

  • ​Plyometric Exercises
  • ​Cardio Training
  • ​ Body weight resistance exercises etc.

​Side Effects of Using Body​boss Method?

​As my results there are potentially no side effects of using BodyBoss ​fitness guide. The only side effects can be exertion, cramps in muscle and pain in the body from exercising too much. Till now I have failed to found any bodyboss negative reviews anywhere.

​BodyBoss reliance on HIIT

The very backbone of BodyBoss Method is HIIT i.e. High-Intensity Interval Training. High-Intensity Training is currently the most popular method adopted by numerous exercise routine today. Here there are several repetitive high-intensity workouts which also have low activity breaks. All of the activities last for 24 minutes and help in increasing metabolism of the body.It burns calories faster and burns body fat giving a slim and toned body. No equipment is required in HIIT.

​How to buy BodyBoss Fitness guide?

If after reading this you really get interested to buy Bodyboss Fitness guide, you may buy it through two ways. Way one is by going online on its website and ordering from theirs. The other way is by ordering it online from Amazon, where BodyBoss has provided its various products. 

​My Final Words of Bodyboss Reviews

​Over the years there have been some real results of BodyBoss Fitness Guide, with its satisfied customers spread around globally. But when we compare with jen ferruggia, i prefer to go with jen ferruggia method, because of pricing and nutritional guide, workout videos as well . So I highly recommend this to everyone after getting great results by using myself. If asked I would like to rate it ​3.​75/5 and would love to hear about what you guys think about this product. Do let me know!